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The First State Abortion Fund is a local, volunteer-powered program rooted in a reproductive justice framework, with the mission of breaking down financial barriers and increasing abortion access. Our fund provides financial assistance for the procedure itself and also offers practical support to help individuals get to their appointment with as minimal stress as possible.

The First State Abortion Fund believes that every person should be able to determine their own reproductive destiny and have access to the resources, rights, and respect to be able to do so. We believe that access to affordable abortion care is a critical component of full-spectrum healthcare services. We recognize that barriers to abortion access disproportionately impact Black, Indigenous, People of Color; disabled people; transgender and non-binary people; and those without support and financial structures that allow them to navigate the healthcare system.

Our board, composed of a diverse group of individuals who are all committed volunteers, strongly believes in the values and mission of this organization. We strive for a world where everyone has access to all the healthcare and services they need without barriers.

The First State Abortion Fund values:

  • Reproductive justice
  • People and their physical autonomy
  • All backgrounds and perspectives
  • People‚Äôs safety and privacy
  • Breaking down economic and practical barriers
  • Reducing trauma and stigma involved with abortion services or accessing funding for it

We consider these values to be at the core of our decision making as a board. They serve as an indispensable guide to all of our fundraising, programmatic, administrative, and communications decisions and actions.