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On average, an abortion in America costs $515. Add in the needs of many abortion seekers to arrange for childcare, transportation, time off work, etc - and suddenly the cost for access abortion is far more.

The First State Abortion (FSAF) fund is a resource to help fill the gap in affording the costs associated with abortion and expand access to abortion care in the state of Delaware while working with providers and community driven resources.

When you contribute to FSAF, you are directly supporting the needs of abortion seekers and validating that this is a decision that is only theirs to make. It is with your gifts that this fund is able to supply patients with transportation to their appointment, childcare for the children they may already parent, and the respect to make healthcare choices without the burden of financial resources being top of mind.


Thank you for supporting the First State Abortion Fund (FSAF). FSAF is approved for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3). Donations received by FSAF are tax-deductible.